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Welcome to Napoleon Legal’s website. For over 25 years Napoleon Legal has been educating lawyers, judges and other professionals on the subject of psychology and the law. We provide a unique set of services that parallel the unique training and experience of Dr. Anthony Napoleon, Ph.D.

Dr. Anthony Napoleon

Dr. Anthony Napoleon

We were one of the first organizations to assist lawyers in trial. Along the way we have worked with some of the best trained and accomplished trial lawyers in practice. We have trained, critiqued, and taken to task hundreds of expert witnesses from the medical, psychological, engineering, legal and other forensic specialties. Napoleon Legal conducts OBJECTIVE post-trial analysis of jury trials that gets to the truth of not only the decision making process but how well the system worked.

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Presentation and persuasion go hand in hand in the courtroom.


The effective planning and execution of your lawsuit is dependent upon


Napoleon Legal has extensive experience in jury work.


Dr. Napoleon authors opening statements, closing arguments, and direct and cross-examinations.


Before Dr. Anthony consulted with his first lawyer client, he was teaching people from all walks of life how to improve their presentation and interpersonal skills.


Dr. Anthony:

Pat and I both agree that your input was extremely valuable in helping to successfully resolve this matter at the mediation.  You bring an interesting and valuable perspective and I have learned a lot from working with you over the past few years.  I look forward to working with you in the future.

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