Trial Stars Award Banquet

Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc. is proud of the fact that dozens of our clients have either won or been nominated for trial star awards. And despite our contentment with remaining anonymous, a few of our clients have chosen over the years to publicly acknowledge our efforts. When that occurs it says more about our client than it does about the quality of our work on any particular case. Recently, we were honored and humbled to be acknowledged by Tom Warwick, partner with the law firm of Grimes and Warwick of the criminal defense bar. Tom’s outstanding, one of a kind advocacy deserved the honor given to him that night. The fact that he chose to publicly acknowledge our efforts says a lot about Tom’s confidence and graciousness. Thank you Tom Warwick for being not only a great criminal defense lawyer but also a gracious and thoughtful client.


Would you like to hear Dr. Anthony discuss issues related to beauty and its impact on personality and behavior?

Emmy award winner Michelle Merker interviewed Dr. Anthony at KDOC television on that very subject. You can click the PLAY button to the right and access a video clip from that interview.

Free Download of MURDEROUS RAGE Chapter from Awakening Beauty (Below)

Supreme Court Hears Arguments Regarding the Affordable Care Act

Napoleon Legal Consulting, Inc. is providing to its readers the transcript of the hearings at the Supreme Court on the Affordable Care Act. This transcript includes Q&A on the subject of the individual mandate. The transcript may be downloaded by clicking on the link to the right.

Napoleon Legal Enters the Fray over the Ground Zero Mosque

Dr. Anthony Napoleon provided a consultation brief to the Mayor of New York, Michael R. Bloomberg, on the subject of the proposed mosque at Ground Zero. In the spirit of an amicus curiae brief, Napoleon Legal provided to the Mayor a perspective on the so called “Cordoba Mosque” that addressed the critical issues missing in the analysis thus far. Those issues have to do with the motivation and intent of the financiers of the proposed mosque.

The financier’s motivation and intent have been rejected as legitimate subject matter until now because it is accepted as a given that no one knows what is in the hearts and minds of the financiers. Even if intent and motivation could be ascertained, it is argued, the freedom to construct such a structure supersedes any nefarious intent or motivation, should it be found to exist. Napoleon Legal’s position is that nothing could be further from the truth.

The terms “criminal intent,” “malice aforethought,” “consciousness of guilt,” “malice,” in addition to any number of other codified definitions of human behavior, are used each and every day in courtrooms across America to establish guilt and liability. These terms are used as critical guideposts when it comes to criminal sentencing and the assessment of damages. Forensic psychologists are called upon each and everyday to help courts interpret and define these terms as they apply to defendants in any number of contexts. We have made an analysis of the issues surrounding intent and motivation of the financiers of the proposed Ground Zero mosque and were pleased to present the findings of our analysis to the Mayor in the form of an open letter. Please take the time to read our report below to better understand the motivation and intent of the financiers behind the proposed mosque at Ground Zero.

Advisory to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

May, June & July, 2010
Dr. Anthony Interviewed by CBS News

Dr. Anthony Discusses Body Image Distortions


Justice Alito and the President: With all due deference…

To understand the context of my comments here, one must watch Justice Alito, along with some of his colleagues, react to the President’s critical comments about the Supreme Court’s recent decision in: CITIZENS UNITED v. FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION.

The President’s preface as he spoke to the Justices: “With all due deference to separation of powers,” reminded me of that oft repeated dialogue in the hit television series:  THE SOPRANOS. When anyone was about to challenge mob boss Tony Soprano, the character would preface his comments with: “With all due respect.” The President’s preface was an admission that he was aware that he was either going to cross or come right up to that line that separates the Executive’s power from the Constitutional purview of the Judiciary.

President Obama did not limit himself to challenging Constitutional boundaries that defined the Judiciary’s sovereign purview.  The president took aim at the Legislative branch of government and their Constitutional authority.  President Obama warned Congress, that unless the Legislative branch gave him what he wanted, he would issue an Executive order, essentially circumventing the people’s house.  As President Obama arrogantly warned,  “I have a pen and a phone.”

The bully pulpit is never more visible and brazen than during the State of the Union address. Justice Alito, along with his fellow justices and countless legislators, displayed non-verbal cues that revealed how they felt about what they were hearing.  Their faces told the story as they reacted with disdain over the implicit arrogance and disrespect for Constitutional boundaries.


“With all due respect Mr. President, you were out of line.”


To add insult to injury, the President’s characterization of the Court’s opinion issued in Citizen’s United was vague and overly broad, if not an outright mischaracterization, of the court’s reasoning.

The central issue before the Court in the Citizens United case was whether or not First Amendment free speech protections applied to corporations.  In the instant case, the non-profit corporation Citizens United funded a critical video about then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton. Justice Robert’s concurring opinion in the 5 to 4 decision. (Justices Ginsburg and Stevens dissenting) is particularly well written, as is Justice Scalia’s concurring retort to Justice Steven’s dissent.


Memo: If you would like to read the Court’s opinion I have included it below, in PDF format, for your review.


Try to imagine what it was like for the Supreme Court’s Justices who were sitting just a few short feet away from the president. Now imagine what it must have been like for the President to look out over the justice’s heads and, for all intents and purposes, talk smack to them. Even Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor (ideological kindred spirits of the President) displayed non-verbal cues that confirmed the old adage: “blood is thicker than water.” Now imagine what is was like to sit there and have the “other” sovereign branch’s Democrat wing stand and cheer the fact that the Judicial branch had just been “called out” by the Executive.

What you saw was directly related to the new Senator from Massachusetts (Scott Brown). His appointment forced the President’s hand. He could either move to the center (see our news archives in the month before the President took office, that predicted that this issue would take center stage) or he would “dance with them what brung him,” to quote the late writer Molly Ivin’s book of the same title.   The television series The Sopranos has nothing on this president.

One of the many great things about America is that we value life…all life. Our firefighters and emt’s are often first on the scene of disasters involving people and animals. Our culture is full of real American heroes who will put their life on the line for another creature in trouble. Whether it is cat up a tree, a puppy in a pipe, a horse that has fallen into a ravine, or almost anything you can imagine, we are so very fortunate to have these men and women who are part of a culture of caring. Joe St. Georges is one of those people who we can all be proud of and who represents the nameless heroes on duty right now.

We ought to be proud that our culture produces this behavior in a world where all too often people turn a blind eye to one of their fellow creatures in trouble. What can we say but thanks and God Bless.


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